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Summer COVID-19 Update-We Are Open!

It is now possible to see all in-person referrals at Ageless Cosmetic Clinic. However, certain restrictions remain. The use of masks regardless of vaccination status is required in the office. Ontario referrals are still prohibited until at least July 16th. If necessary a virtual consultation can be arranged (see LINK). General anaesthetic procedures are being reintroduced pending COVID-19 PCR pre operative negative testing. The social-distancing rule still applies as much as possible as is the use of appropriate PPE in office based procedures. Have a nice summer and stay safe! Please note that the office is closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but messages will be reviewed frequently and replied to in a prioritized manner.

COVID_19 Update

As everyone is aware, we are in unprecedented times related to the emergence of a new strain of the Corona Virus. Although statistics show that the Corona Virus affects 7 to 15% of patients with viral illness annually, the latest strain appears to be more contagious and can severely affect certain individuals. At significant risk are the elderly, the immune compromised and individuals with pre-existing pulmonary conditions and diseases.

After reviewing all the latest information from the WHO, CDC and medical experts, we decided earlier this week to make the difficult decision on behalf of our patients, staff and community to close our clinic.

However we can do a virtual consultation. To book your consult now, follow the link and register. Book your consult now!

We are aware that this is a significant inconvenience to the many patients that had booked surgery, treatments and consultations. We appreciate that many surgery patients had booked time off work, planned for transportation and post-treatment care, and prepared for their surgery/treatments with preoperative protocols and testing. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience that this closure will cause.

We, as many others, believe that it is our responsibility to do our part in a time of a pandemic. All our staff are healthy and exhibiting no symptoms of COVID-19. However, we strongly believe that by doing our part to decrease person to person transmission we can help lower the peak incidence of the disease in Canada and change the outcome of many of those in our community that would be most vulnerable. We must all do our part. We advocate that all our patients and fellow Canadians do their part by heeding the recommendations of the medical experts including (social) physical distancing themselves, frequent hand washings and self isolating for 14 days if you develop any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus or come into contact with anyone that may have those symptoms.

While we need to  physically distance ourselves from others, please do not ignore those that can be most adversely affected by being alone. We would remind all of you to reach out by phone, text or e-mail to those that you know are alone and may need contact the most.

Dr Dolynchuk and his medical staff will still be available for all early post-operative patients for their important follow up visits. These appointments will be spaced appropriately to ensure physical distancing. We ask that if you have any COVID-19 symptoms like dry cough, fever, shortness of breath or loss of smell that you call the office so we can make alternative arrangements for you.

As always, we ask that you contact Dr Dolynchuk should you have any medical issues, using the contact information that was provided for you in your surgical package.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions during this time. We will be responding to all queries in a timely manner.


Dr Ken Dolynchuk

Scarring Can Now Be Reduced

What the body does when your heart stops and the brain dims is produce a molecule in the tissues which will attempt to regenerate the system.

Trouble is the only things it works on is the skin and nails. Mammalian systems have been shown to have a regeneration molecule which produces a prolongation of the life of skin cells and nails long after the organism has died. That is why corpses have fairly long nails. The survival benefit is not clear, but we can take advantage of this finding in aesthetic medicine. Dr Dolynchuk has also looked at wound healing in this context and shown that a regenerative response occurs in surgical wounds after the application of this molecule to skin of humans.

The production of fetal collagen is increased which produces a fibrillar network in the early wound. In intact skin this results in thickening of the Grenz layer, rejuvenating it and making it thicker, as we see after laser peels.

Independent research has now verified the thickening that occurs in the outer skin as we see in the “death  response” so as to rejuvenate the skin on the outside as well as on the inside. With the launch of GrenzCine by Vivier Pharma, you can harness the regenerative strength of this remarkable molecule at home. The results are incredible with brighter more luminous tone and textural smoothness as fine lines melt away. We can also “kick start” the process with a spa facial incorporating “Grenzine Hydro”.

For more information call (204)231-1542. Ask about V-stat for wounds and GrenzCine for cosmetic skin regeneration.