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Neck Lift


Many patients are considering neck lift for the following reasons:

  • Their skin and neck are loose and the appearance detracts from their face.
  • They have lost weight and have excess skin fold under their chin as a result.
  • They want facial rejuvenation of their face as well as their neck as part of the overall process.

The face/neck-lift procedure is intended to provide a natural, attractive and more youthful appearance. This surgery can produce excellent results, and the scars are usually inconspicuous. Recent technical advances have led to longer-lasting improvement and increase in patient satisfaction. Complications are rare.


The operation consists of removing excess skin and fatty tissue and correcting the sagging of specific facial muscles. The amount of skin removed is dependent on the age and health of the patient as well as the goals set for the patient in the pre- operative interview with the doctor.

The classic neck-lift is aimed at rejuvenation of the neck and jowls. Lifting of the forehead cheeks and eyebrows may also be done at the same time, as well as eyelid surgery. In any case, the patient may elect to have local with intravenous sedation or a general anaesthetic. The incisions are placed in the lines of facial expression around the ear and up into the hairline in front. The incision will usually continue along behind the ear for a variable distance and may pass into the hairline behind as well. On occasion an incision may be required beneath the chin. Direct removal of fat and tightening can be performed in this way. The incisions are closed with a deep dissolving suture as well as a surface skin closure, which needs to be removed at 5 days. Paper sterile tape is applied on the incisions and sterile gauze used on top to compress the face gently. A soft silicone drain is left in the wound until the following day and will be easily removed at home by the doctor.

Healing is usually established well enough to use cover-up by day 7 post op. The suture knots, although buried, can seem firm under the skin. They sometimes will appear through the skin. In such a case Polysporin® ointment may be required until seen by the doctor for removal at your next follow up. The follow up visits are usually at 1, 3 and 6 weeks post op. Scars can remain reddened for several weeks in spite of good wound care. The use of silicone ointment may be employed to help control this. Rarely scars are seen which only respond to injection of 5FU an anti-scarring medication.


Many factors play a role in the aging of facial skin. These include the physical environment (sun, wind), the type of skin (elasticity, thickness), the complexion (pale, dark, ruddy), weight alterations, nutrition, smoking and menopause. There is no ideal age for this type of surgery. It must also be remembered that neck-lift cannot remove all wrinkles. These are lines that have appeared due to the constant action of the facial muscles over the years. It is normal that lines of facial expression remain after surgery. Injecting botulinum toxin can help smooth them out. The fine wrinkles, frequently found below the thyroid cartilage are not affected by a neck-lift.

Pro Fractional laser or micro-ablation laser techniques are required to improve them. VASER┬« Liposelection is another option. Men have bearded skin, which makes it heavier and less able to be lifted as well as in women.

A neck-lift will not stop the aging process: it only removes some of its effects, producing a more youthful appearance. The procedure can sometimes be done again, if need be, in order to maintain the rejuvenated look.