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Skin Care

Why Is Skin Care So Important?

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. The outermost skin layer (epidermis) is the first line of defense to the elements (bacteria, sun).

The epidermis is thin, tough and waterproof but can be damaged which can lead to wrinkles, cancers and skin problems.

Skin that is glowing, soft and supple, blemish and wrinkle free is achieved by using the correct skin care products.

At Ageless Cosmetic Clinic we have carefully chosen the medical grade skin care products that target your skin needs and concerns so you can have healthy skin.

Skin that is sensitive or already damaged may be in need of additional therapies offered by Dr Dolynchuk who has developed an entire line of products, available on line (GrenzCine ® and spa treatments to revitalize damaged skin (Epiduré).

The skin care products that we presently carry in house are:


Obagi Nu-Derm FX®

Dr Zein Obagi started this line many a year ago. It is a very popular transformation skin care system with our patients.

This line is ideal if you have:

  • Age spots
  • Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Rough Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sallowness
  • Skin Laxity

Nu-Derm FX® Cleansers (normal and gentle)

Deep cleans the skin leaving it clean and soft


Nu-Derm FX® Toner

Balances the Skin pH getting it ready for the next step


Nu-Derm FX® Clear

Arbutin in this product helps correct the appearance of age and sun spots for a more even complexion.


Nu-Derm FX® Blender

A unique formulation containing arbutin that is blended with Retin A creams to gradually lighten sun and age spots and even out skin discoloration.


Nu-Derm FX® Exfoderm

A lightweight lotion that exfoliates the top skin layers and removes dead skin cells while revealing a brighter complexion



The products in this line are specifically formulated to help clear up and control acne breakouts.


Daily Foaming Cleanser

Our # 1 cleanser for acne for normal or oily skin. It contains 2% salicylic acid to unclog pores and then washes away any dead skin cells leaving skin clean and refreshed without drying out the skin. It also includes menthol, which helps to cool and calm irritated skin.


Daily Care Cream Cleanser

A nonirritating, soap free, cream cleanser that soothes and removes any skin impurities.


Pore Therapy

Use of this product (which also contains 2% salicylic acid ) helps unclog pores.


Therapeutic Lotion

Used to specifically treat those outbreaks. This product contains 5% Benzyl Peroxide in a special formulation to target papules.


Therapeutic Moisturizer

The 20% glycerin in the product calms soothes and protects the skin during acne treatment.



C-CLEANSING GEL with Vitamin C

Formulated with Vitamin C to remove makeup, excess oils and impurities, leaving the skin clean and refreshed.


Gently exfoliates and accelerates surface skin cell turnover while hydrating and producing a brighter skin tone.



A skin lightening cream (with Arbutin and Vitamin C and E) that works through the night to revitalize the skin from free radical damage.


OBAGI Rosaclear System



A cleanser formulated for patients with sensitive skin.



Specifically formulated for skin that is sensitive and prone to redness, flushing and blotchiness



A new line of medical skin care products recently developed by Dr Zein Obagi.



A gentle foaming cleanser for all skin types


BRIGHTENEX (Skin Brightener and Correcting Crème)

The multi-action formula brightens and evens out skin tone. The non hydroquinone formula that contains 1% retinol is the first course in treating skin pigmentation concerns.

GLYCOGENT (Exfoliation Accelerator)

A unique glycolic and lactic acid complex that in daily use helps exfoliate dead skin cells for skin surface renewal. The anti oxidants help soothe, calm and minimize appearance of irritated skin.


RESTORACALM™ (Soothing Recovery Crème)

This non-greasy formulation provides relief for skin irritations as well as reducing skin redness and flakiness.