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Non-Surgical Body and Facial Contouring

What are the non-surgical options available?

At Ageless Cosmetic Clinic we provide a number of facial and body contouring options that are non-surgical in nature. The patient with minimal skin looseness or fat excess is the ideal candidate as these techniques are not for everyone. The lack of downtime is a powerful incentive for most of the suitable candidates. Also costs are usually less than with surgical options. 


For the sagging jowls and wane looking cheeks and eyelids a three-session treatment with this poly-lactic acid filler can restore youthful looking contours. Not a typical volume restoration like other popular fillers, Sculptra® will add lift and tone through a bio-stimulatory mechanism which produces more of your own collagen in the tissues. A few minor side effects are sometimes seen like tiny nodules but overall improvement is expected after the second treatment with major changes seen after the third and will persist for 2 years.


Fat reduction and skin tightening are possible at the same time using Exilis® radiofrequency treatment. A total of 5 sessions, a week or two apart, are needed to reduce the love handles and spare tire or upper arm and thigh bulges while skin tightening occurs at the same time. Facial treatments are also possible. Treatment is typically painless and you leave in an hour or so feeling the warmth in the tissues but otherwise fine and able to return to work. No diet or exercise restrictions are required, and cumbersome garments are unnecessary.

Neuromodulators and Fillers

Together these make a powerful team to reduce signs of aging by helping replace lost soft tissue contours and lifting the skin mask by reducing the unfavorable pull of certain muscles which are creating wrinkles while adding volume. The jowl, mouth curl, cheek and marionette as well as the crow’s feet and lateral brow areas are especially suited to this technique. The effects are dramatic and can be easily maintained. Small needles and topical anaesthetics make the procedure practically painless. When areas are treated that may swell, cold gel packs and topical agents can be used to reduce bruising and puffiness.

Light based treatments can also give a skin lifting effect. Skin Tyte® by Sciton is a very effective infrared treatment which can create non-invasive skin tightening in 3 easy treatments, as simply as a photofacial. To get maximal effect the treatments do need to be repeated but the ability to go right back to work or to dinner make this an acceptable day-of procedure.