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Vertical Cheek Lift

Mid Face Lift- Vertical Cheek Lift

The Mid Face Lift or Cheek Lift restores the natural convex shape of the lower eyelid and cheek to correct puffiness of the lower eyelids, an indentation of the upper cheek and a prominent naso-labial (nose to lip) fold, or to minimize the look of big sunken “owls” eyes. The mid face-lift provides a natural and youthful appearance without an overdone or pulled look.

Age: Usually 40s and older, although can be done younger for inherited traits.

Surgical Technique: A small incision is made inside the lower eyelid or through the mouth to provide direct visualization of the cheek and lower eyelid. The tissues are replaced to a more aesthetic position, and the incisions are closed. Often times a cheek or tear trough implant is placed simultaneously.

Surgical Time and Recovery: Mid Face Lift surgery takes 3 to 4 hours using local and tumescent anesthesia, and IV or oral sedation. Sutures usually dissolve within a week. Most patients are back to light work after 2 weeks.

Insurance: Mid Face Lift or Cheek Lift is sometimes used for reconstructive purposes, and if so, it may be covered by Medicare. Typical problems requiring a mid face lift for reconstructive surgery are as follows:

  • Lower eyelid retraction from previous cosmetic surgery
  • Orbital decompression for tumor or thyroid eye disease
  • Turning out of the lower eyelid (ectropion)

Related Procedures: Mid Face Lift can be combined with a browlift, facelift, blepharoplasty, fat transfer, facial implants, botulinum toxin injection, and chemical peels or laser resurfacing.