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Scarring Can Now Be Reduced

What the body does when your heart stops and the brain dims is produce a molecule in the tissues which will attempt to regenerate the system.

Trouble is the only things it works on is the skin and nails. Mammalian systems have been shown to have a regeneration molecule which produces a prolongation of the life of skin cells and nails long after the organism has died. That is why corpses have fairly long nails. The survival benefit is not clear, but we can take advantage of this finding in aesthetic medicine. Dr Dolynchuk has also looked at wound healing in this context and shown that a regenerative response occurs in surgical wounds after the application of this molecule to skin of humans.

The production of fetal collagen is increased which produces a fibrillar network in the early wound. In intact skin this results in thickening of the Grenz layer, rejuvenating it and making it thicker, as we see after laser peels.

Independent research has now verified the thickening that occurs in the outer skin as we see in the “death  response” so as to rejuvenate the skin on the outside as well as on the inside. With the launch of GrenzCine by Vivier Pharma, you can harness the regenerative strength of this remarkable molecule at home. The results are incredible with brighter more luminous tone and textural smoothness as fine lines melt away. We can also “kick start” the process with a spa facial incorporating “Grenzine Hydro”.

For more information call (204)231-1542. Ask about V-stat for wounds and GrenzCine for cosmetic skin regeneration.